Waterneer Concept.

(a) Polluted water cleaning by Waterneer Concept
The Concept is based on a Swedish patent for wastewater recycling or cleaning e.g. polluted lakes, wells, water basins or similar. There is a mobile solution (no permanent civil construction required) giving a very high throughput with the smallest footprint. Equipment cost is from 200,000 to 500,000 euro depending on size. More info on

SWAME will arrange for training of local staff for operation of the equipment.

Reference: ongoing cleaning project of the Lagoon in Abidjan.

(b) Drinking water and Sewage water cleaning by Vattenbyrån Concept
The Concept means Consulting Services regarding deploying one or more drinking water plant(s), a sewage water plant and the infrastructure pipes. Building such a system for 1 million inhabitants would cost around 1.3 billion euro.

SWAME will arrange the Consulting Services. The deployment will use local labour forces